Hey! I’m Rachel.

Floral Designer, Dog Lover, Craft Beer Drinker. Here’s my story:

My family has owned & operated a flower shop since before I was born. So I literally grew up in the business.

As a little one I held the clipboard and rode in the van with my dad as he made deliveries. When I got older they had me sweep the floor and fill up balloons. And in my teens I started to learn how to design bouquets from my patient coworkers.

I’ve always been interested in design. For a while I wanted to be an Architect. Then I started dreaming of being a magazine layout designer.

But you know what? Floral Design just clicked for me. Yeah, I accidentally had years of experience from the family biz. But I also enjoyed working with my hands, the challenge of using perishable and variable products made by Mother Nature, and the excitement of a client admiring your creation.

Being a Floral Designer is like being an Artist, Craftsperson, Biologist, and Decorator all rolled into one. And that unique mix of traits is what makes it fun and exciting for me.

When my boyfriend joined the Air Force (and then became my husband), I found myself moving to Monterey, CA where he was assigned to do training.

I went from being 2,000 miles from the nearest coast to having an ocean view from my front yard. I got a job at a local flower shop, and got to experience new styles of floral design: beachfront elopements and vineyard parties were just some of the amazing California weddings I was a part of.

Alas, the California dream was only temporary, and we found ourselves here in Augusta, GA: “The Garden City” and home of the Masters Tournament. I decided to start my own business to bring my personal Garden-Inspired style of design to local weddings. I’m glad I’m here, and I look forward to meeting you!